Haven Sneak Peek: “Nowhere Man”

Haven Sneak Peek: "Nowhere Man"

Audrey is back, but of course, something happens.

Okay, I know, I’ve been bad about not adding sneak peeks recently. I’ve been getting used to my  new work schedule, so I apologize. I’ve also been traveling… a lot. But I’m back and so is Audrey on Haven, so that all worked out in the end, right?

So what’s going on in Haven? I’m probably the last person to know because I’m still an episode behind, but it looks like Audrey is back. I’m guessing Mara isn’t completely gone yet, though, because she doesn’t seem like the type to go out quietly. But now that Audrey and Nathan are reunited, you know we can’t just have a happy ending, right? No, we can’t. Because in this sneak peek, we see that something’s happened to Nathan, and it’s a Trouble that could tear them apart forever. Again.

Don’t miss Haven on Syfy, Fridays at 7/6c.

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