Celebrate Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn With These Shirts

Hot Topic unveils Sailor Moon-related Tank Tops

So who’s been watching Sailor Moon this summer? I’ll admit that I haven’t yet watched Sailor Moon Crystal, because I’m still knee-deep in the original series. In fact, I fiend every week after I’ve finished the two episodes Hulu puts up. I really wished they’d put it all up and let us binge watch, darnit!

However, I have been enjoying the series all over again, and also realizing that I missed some episodes when it originally ran on Cartoon Network. Also, I think Cartoon Network left out some episodes and the English language dub changed a lot, so it really is like seeing it for the first time.

Because of the resurgence of this classic anime into the world, pop culture store Hot Topic has released two new tank tops and they’re pretty darn gorgeous.

Sailor Moon at Hot Topic sailor-saturn

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