Anime-based live action film KITE arrives in theaters on October 10th

Trailer for anime-based KITE film

Watch the trailer for KITE, based on the cult classic anime series and catch the movie in theaters on October 10th.

In 1998, an anime series named KITE was released. Immediately, the anime gained a following, although many thought it to be controversial. The anime told us about an orphan girl named Sawa, her parents the victims of a gory double murder. The setting is a world where crime and corruption run rampant, but Sawa is determined to find her parents’ killer.

Fast forward to 2014, and the anime-based live action film is finally ready for public consumption. Starring India Eisley in the title role, along with Samuel L. Jackson and Callan McAuliffe, the film is set to be released next month, exclusively on Direct TV on August 28th, followed by a theatrical and on-demand release on October 10th.

So you’re obviously ready to see a trailer, right? Here it is:

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