Dreamfall Chapters Book One Sneak Peek

Dreamfall Chapters Book One Sneak Peek

Dreamfall Chapters Book OneĀ gets a trailer.

I didn’t report on it because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but last week, we found out that Dreamfall Chapters was going to be released in episodes. This is pretty much against everything the developers originally promised us, and I’ll be honest: I really don’t like episodic games. I have a short memory and I’m slightly ADD, so when I’m forced to play games in episodes, I tend to forget what happened previously.

However, I’m a Kickstarter backer, so I’ll be getting the games in episodes. Again, I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll play it that way, though. I may just wait until all five episodes are available, so I can enjoy the game it was meant to be. Honestly, I know the developer wants to deliver something on time, but as we’ve all invested money into this game, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind waiting longer if it means the game will be better. However, it’s not my decision, so I can just be unhappy.

With that being said, though, we are getting something for our money now. The first episode, titled “Book One: Reborn” now has a trailer. I suppose it’s something…

So, Dreamfall Chapters backers, what do you think about the release of the game in episodes?

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