Superman Brandon Routh Joins Arrow (But Not As Superman)

Superman Brandon Routh Joins Arrow (But Not As Superman)

Brandon Routh cast as The Atom for season 3 of Arrow.

Oh, Arrow, I love you. Not only have you given me a long list of sci-fi favorite actors, but you’ve also created a kick butt Black Canary and keep bringing back John Barrowman. And now, I may love you just a little more. According to TV Line, Brandon Routh has been cast for season 3 of Arrow and will be playing Ray Palmer, otherwise known as The Atom.

Routh is best known for his portrayal of Superman back in 2006 in Superman Returns. Critics panned the film, but I liked it – well, most specifically, I loved Routh in the role. Seeing him on the TV screen as another superhero is like icing on the Arrow cake.

Ray Palmer is expected to insert himself into the lives of Oliver and Felicity (who he may be romancing) as Queen Consolidated’s new owner. And, of course, we have no idea what he has planned for the company. In the comics, Ray’s alter ego, The Atom, is able to alter the size of both his body and random objects.

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