American Gods TV Series is Officially, Really, Finally Happening

American Gods TV Series is Officially, Really, Finally Happening

Neil Gaiman confirms Starz taking on American Gods for television series.

If you’ve followed me on the blog or social media, you’ll know that my absolute favorite author ever is Neil Gaiman. So I’ve been following the news about seeing an American Gods movie or television series and praying that this is something that would eventually happen.

Well, there is great news. Gaiman confirmed on Twitter that an actual American God series is being developed for Starz and linked to a story on Zap2It with more information. And it gets better: the pilot episode will be written by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, Heroes) and Michael Green (The River, Kings, Heroes). Personally, I think those are two guys who will get the tone of the show right. The two will also serve as executive producers, along with Gaiman. Gaiman said:

When you create something like ‘American Gods,’ which attracts fans and obsessives and people who tattoo quotes from it on themselves or each other, and who all, tattooed or not, just care about it deeply, it’s really important to pick your team carefully: you don’t want to let the fans down, or the people who care and have been casting it online since the dawn of recorded history. What I love most about the team who I trust to take it out to the world is that they are the same kind of fanatics that ‘American Gods’ has attracted since the start.

Needless to say, I’m in.  Hopefully, we’ll get some casting news soon, too.

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