Ubisoft Can’t Make Female Assassins Because It’s Too Much Work

Ubisoft Can't Make Female Assassins Because It's Too Much Work

Game developer Ubisoft claims that its new game, Assassins Creed; Unity doesn’t have female characters because it would “double the work.”

If you follow me here on the blog or on social media, you’ve seen me complain about this year’s E3 and the lack of female protagonists in any of the new games we’re seeing announced. Seriously, it’s pretty bad. As of today, I’ve counted all of 2 games, out of hundreds of games, that have a female lead. This doesn’t include games that allow for character customization, but if those were added, that would make the total 6, which is still pretty pathetic.

However, Ubisoft has been kind enough to explain it to us, at least in concern to Assassins Creed: Unity. As you may remember, I’ve complained about the company in the past for stupid remarks, but it seems that they keep saying stupid things. A few years ago, they went on record saying that a female assassin “would be wrong,” just before they released Assassins Creed: Liberation, which featured (gasp) a female assassin. Now, they’ve gone on record as saying that the new game doesn’t have female assasins (and seriously, this is a direct quote), because it would “double the work.

Yes, apparently, creating a female character in a video game is too much work. You know, because we women have things like curves, which are, apparently, so very hard to work with. We’re so complicated, physically, with our sweet faces and confusing bone structures and our non-male appearances. The Ubisoft team said that having a female character would mean re-doing a lot of the animation.

Um… what? I mean, is that the lamest excuse for not including a female character in your game ever? I mean, REALLY? Have you ever heard anything so inane? Honestly here, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that someone would actually say something like that. And what makes even no sense whatsoever is that the company has created female characters before, in Assassins Creed games and in other games, so is this the worst excuse for sexism ever?

Of course, this is a company that has somehow taken assassins and not only made them into pirates and have them working in a team (again… I have to ask… um… really?), so perhaps stupidity is something that’s not entirely new to them. I haven’t even played an Assassins Creed game since 3, but I really liked that they gave us a Native American in that game, and even a Middle Eastern man in the first game, rather than the standard white dude. After that, though, the series forgot what it was about, so we can easily pretend that the story ends there.

But this latest idiocy means that I’m probably swearing off all Ubisoft games, at last until they pull their heads out of their arses.

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