Netflix’s Sense8 Gets Sense-ational Cast

Sense8 Casts Freema Agyeman

Netflix releases some new details about upcoming series Sense 8.

Netflix is blowing the original series not on TV trend out of the water. Not only has the company had huge successes with Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards and Hemlock Grove, but it’s planning a lot of new series, too. One of those series is by The Wachowskis: yep, the very people who gave us The Matrix.¬†Even better, the series is a science fiction one.

So what is this new series about? Well, first, it’s called Sense8. It’s a science fiction drama that will have a first season of 10 episodes. But that’s not what’s extraordinary about this series. Oh, no, even better? The cast of the show not only includes Doctor Who‘s Freema Agyeman (YES!), but also Lost‘s Naveen Andrews, Kill Bill‘s Daryl Hannah and Stargate Universe‘s Brian J. Smith, along with a few other new faces. How’s that for sense-sation? (yeah, I went there – don’t judge me).

The series plot follows these characters¬†after a tragic death links them mentally and emotionally. They have to figure out what happened because the future of humanity is at stake. And obviously, because of their unique gifts, they’ll be hunted down by others.

It’s not a lot to go on, but it’s a start. And that’s good enough for me. Netflix has more than proven that they can handle this sort of thing, so now the hard part begins for us, the fans: the waiting.

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