Book Review: Superhero Action Abounds in Resistance

Resistance ReviewResistance Review: The follow-up to Samit Basu’s Turbulence is just as action-packed as its predecessor.

When I read Samit Basu’s Turbulence, all I could think of was that the novel was actually a comic book, but in a novel format. I feel exactly the same way about the sequel, Resistance. After receiving a copy of Resistance from Titan Books, I delved into the story. I’ll admit that at first I was a little lost. There are so many characters to keep track with and I couldn’t remember which characters┬áhad which superpowers. I’m bringing this up first because I feel that Basu might have needed a bit more writing at the beginning about reminding us of just who is who. It’s either that, or I’m getting old and losing my memory.

Instead, though, the first chapter lunges us into a scene that can only be described as something you might see from Transformers. Seriously, it has everything we geeks love: giant mecha that combine to form even more giant mecha and Godzilla-type creatures invading… you guessed it… Tokyo. I could forgive the lack of explanation at the beginning because that first scene was mind-blowingly awesome. It’s described in a way that makes you envision it and also makes you hope that someone someday turns these books into a feature film.

After that, the action doesn’t stop, and at times, it almost feels like too much. In the first novel, the characters had a little breathing time here and there. They don’t get that in this book. I will admit that although I’m complaining about it, I didn’t really mind, because these scenes were so high voltage that I kept turning the pages of the book well past my bedtime.

I also liked the fact that you’re really not sure who exactly are the good and bad guys in this book. Those roles were defined in the previous title (sort of), but now, it’s hard to tell who really wants to help out humanity? The ending is equally as gray, and although you think you know who the good guys, are, you have to ask, are they?

Basu does a good job of answering the question: What would it be like if normal humans were suddenly given superpowers? I feel both books deal with this issue in a way that isn’t just humorous, but also realistic. And that’s what makes both books a good read.

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