What I Want To See at E3 2014

E3E3 2014: All the buzz, excitement and games I hope to see.

Well, it’s that time of the year again: that time when we all go nuts over video games for a whole week. I’ll admit, I’m a little more subdued this year about E3 than in years’ past, but that’s probably because we’ve finally seen next-gen systems come to market. But I still have a few things I hope that comes out of this year’s conference:

More Freaking Next-Gen Games

I’ve had my PlayStation 4 since last year and I am desperately in need of games to play for it. I don’t need games that keep getting pushed back a year (seriously, I’m thinking that was the plan all along, and I hate the game devs for it). I want games now. This year. I don’t care if their the big titles or indies, but PLEASE BRING ME SOME FREAKING NEXT-GENERATION CONSOLE GAMES. Is that asking for too much?

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Speaking of new games, Dragon Age: Inquisition is one I’ve been fiending about since it was announced. So I would love to see some actual in-game footage at this year’s E3. I’ve pre-ordered the title and I’ll be honest: I’m afraid this is going to be yet ANOTHER awesome game pushed back until 2015. I want to know that it’s on track and that I’ll get it in October, as I expect. So BioWare, please make that happen.

Project Morpheus

The only console press conference I plan on watching this year is Sony’s. I’ve all but abandoned my XBox and will probably never own an XBox One, so I’m depending on Sony to keep me entertained. I want to see more about Project Morpheus, Sony’s VR project, and I want to see a real demonstration of it in action. Even better? Show me an actual Project Morpheus game.

Fallout 4

Dear Bethesda Studios, it’s time to stop denying the Fallout 4 rumors and just give us what we want. Even if you just come out and say “Yes, we’re working on Fallout 4,” that’s really all we fans of the series need. This would be the surprise announcement to come out of E3 and it’s also the one we really, really, really want to hear.

Half Life 3

Okay, I lied. Because if Half Life 3 is announced, that will be the big surprise of E3. Recent news has stated that Valve is working on it, so I’m hoping they just admit to it and let the fans go nuts. This is one game sequel that is WAY overdue.

So that’s it. And now that I look back on my list, it’s relatively short compared to previous E3’s. There are other titles I’m excited about, but almost all of those don’t come out until next year, so why bother? Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here while my PlayStaton 4 gathers dust.

So what about you? What are you looking forward to seeing (or hoping to see) at this year’s E3?

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