E3 2014: Daily Trailer Round-Up: Where Are The Women?

Rise of The Tomb Raider

E3 game trailers promise a lot more time playing as white dudes in games.

With it being 2014, and people finally realizing that yes, girls play video games, too, I was truly hoping for an E3 experience this year that gave us a lot of new games with female protagonists. And yet, all I’ve seen so far is a new Tomb Raider game and a new Mirrors Edge game, both of which are existing franchises. Is it too much to ask for new titles with females in them? IS IT?

Apparently, the answer to that is yes. I don’t mind playing white dudes in video games, but to be honest, I’m kinda’ getting tired of it. And these white dudes all look alike, which just makes it that much more difficult to really care about the game.

But, hey, I’ll start the trailer round-up with the good news: Lara Croft is back! And with all the money she made last time around, you think other devs would be trying to do “strong female lead” kind of games, but apparently, the gaming industry still hasn’t taken the freaking hint. But Lara is back and looks better than ever, albeit very human. Check out the trailer for Rise of Tomb Raider:

Not to be outdone, EA brought in its token female with some concept footage for Mirror’s Edge 2. You know what that means, right? It will probably be YEARS before we actually see the game. But hey, it’s something.

So that’s it for the girls we’ve seen so far with E3. However, at least in Dragon Age Inquisition, you get to create a character and customize it, as well as choose a gender, so there’s something. But that’s still not the same. But kudos to BioWare for letting gamers decide who and what they want to play as. Speaking of which, how about the full-length trailer?

Even indie developers are creating games starring… male characters. You would think indie developers would have more balls than that, but I have to say, this one at least looks interesting. And it comes from the developers behind LIMBO, which was awesome. This game trailer for Inside is creepy and dark and very very cool:

The Witcher 3 is one of those games many of us didn’t think would ever be complete. But it seems like CD Projekt Red is all over this one now. Not only did they hold a special press conference last week for the game, but this time around, we have actual gameplay footage. This one, too, will be out next year.

Insomniac Games is back! And they brought their A game with an Xbox One exclusive title called Sunset Overdrive. The trailer and gameplay footage featured, wait for it, another white guy, but supposedly this one allows you to customize your character. I have no confirmation that this means you’ll be able to choose gender, but we can only hope, right? Anyway, this one looks like a lot of fun and if there were a few other XBox One exclusive titles like this, I might actually buy the console.

I’m going to finish today’s round-up with another highly-anticipated BioWare title. Mass Effect 4 exists! And not only that, but BioWare showed off some concept footage for it. Which, of course, means that it will be years before we see the title, but it’s real and we will see it someday. And like all BioWare games (no, I’m not biased…), it will be brilliant.

Obviously, many more games are making appearances at E3 this week. I’ll cover those I think are actually decent (and that I’m interested in). If you have any that I’ve missed, leave me a comment and let me know.


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