How The Warehouse 13 Finale Betrayed Fans

How The Warehouse 13 Finale Betrayed Fans

The Warehouse 13 finale had some tear-jerking moments, but was ultimately ruined by a lot of weirdness.

Please note that the following contains spoilers about the series finale of Warehouse 13. If you haven’t watched it, read at your own peril.

Several weeks ago, I ranted about the path that Warehouse 13 was taking with its two main leads, BFF’s Pete and Myka. It seemed that what had once been a powerful friendship was now, suddenly, becoming a romance. But I kept watching, believing in the writers to do the right thing.

Well, not only did they not do the right thing, but they gave us fans a series finale that was weird, even by Warehouse 13 standards, and seemed not to pay attention to anything that previous seasons gave us. To say I’m ultimately disappointed is putting it mildly.

So where did the series finale go wrong?

Moving (or not moving) the Warehouse

A new rule was introduced in the last episode of Warehouse 13 that the warehouse occasionally changes locations and that the people that work there are suddenly out of jobs. Like Pete, I was livid that this was thrown in because there’s been no mention of it before. Yes, I get it, the writers need to wrap up the series, but as a fan, I’d rather think of their lives continuing with the warehouse (as it is such an important part of their lives) than without it.

But wait, there’s more! Because it seems that even in the far future, with Claudia as Caretaker (I’ll get to that), the warehouse didn’t move at all. It’s still there, but everyone else is gone. WTF? I must admit that final scene made zero sense and pretty much canceled out any feel-goods we had up to that point. If the warehouse had actually moved, I would have been disappointed, but that would have felt more right than how the writers ended it.

Claudia as Caretaker (or Not)

As the team remembers their fondest moments, Claudia admits to not really wanting to be Caretaker. Not only is this surprising as it’s a position she’s already embraced in previous episodes, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. She’s already tied into the warehouse, after all. But hey, she’s allowed to make that decision, or so says Artie.

But wait!!! We fast forward to the future, and there’s Claudia. As Caretaker. WTF?

(For the record, did the writers forget that Claudia has a brother? Because it sure seems that way…)

Artie’s Son

Artie admits that he has a son, one that he even occasionally spends time with at SDCC. Okay, four seasons of these people all together, treating each other like family, and he’s still keeping secrets? This totally goes against the character arc of Artie and really pissed me off. I’m pretty sure the Artie that we’ve loved through all four seasons of the series would have, at least, told Claudia this news at some point. This didn’t feel like Artie at all.

Pete and Myka

My biggest problem, though, with the Warehouse 13 finale is this forced romance between Pete and Myka. We’ve spent four seasons seeing them as best friends, and you know what? WE WERE FINE WITH THAT. In fact, friendships are so much more important than romantic entanglements, and we know that because the show told us so. This series is about the family that the Warehouse 13 team have become, so throwing in a romance at the end between two characters who’ve had ZERO attraction to each other until this season is utter b.s. There, I’m calling it. Even the actors playing the characters seemed uncomfortable with the kiss, the “I love you’s” and the touching. This ruined the show’s previous messages about how family don’t have to be the people you come from or are married to. This show was always about the friendships of the team, but the writers cheated us of that by making Pete and Myka a thing.

Yes, for me, this is an unforgivable. Ugh.

This episode could have been really good. Saul Rubinek put in the performance of his lifetime in the scene where he’s yelling at the warehouse about being betrayed by it. I cried my eyes out because he portrayed that so beautifully. And Eddie McClintock’s scene at the end where he admits that every moment he’s been a part of the warehouse has been a defining one for him. Those were good moments. They didn’t need the extra weirdness or the romance.

But it’s over now and I’m left with memories of what could have been for that final episode. Shame on you, Warehouse 13 writers, because either you were drunk, phoning it in, or just didn’t care anymore (or perhaps all three). Thanks to you guys, the fans of the series, those of us who’ve stuck it through until the end, feel betrayed.

So what did you think about the Warehouse 13 series finale? Let me know in the comments.

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