And That Means You: Sailor Moon is now on Hulu!

And That Means You: Sailor Moon is now on Hulu!

You can now watch Sailor Moon on Hulu.

Yes, it’s been 20 years, but no one ever forgot about Sailor Moon. For many of us, it was our gateway drug of anime, and many of us have fond memories of following the Sailor Scouts on their many adventures.

I’ll admit that I’ve been frustrated because Sailor Moon never turned up online anywhere, but that is all about to change. Get excited, because Hulu has picked up rights to stream the Sailor Moon series (the sub-titled version) right up through the new series that will premiere this summer, Sailor Moon Crystal. ¬†And you can start watching as of today: the first four episodes of the original series is already up. And new episodes will be released every Monday.

Okay, I have to stop typing now, because I’m going to watch this RIGHT NOW RIGHT AWAY! Enjoy, my Sailor Scout friends. Thank you, Hulu. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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