Torchwood’s Eve Myles Confirmed For Next Broadchurch Series

Torchwood's Eve Myles Confirmed For Next Broadchurch Series

Eve Myles returns to television sets (in the UK) for next installment of Broadchurch.

ITV confirmed the casting of Torchwood‘s fantastic Eve Myles for the new Broadchurch series. This is for the UK series and not the North American series (which also stars David Tennant, who starred in the UK version, too), but it’s awesome to see Myles back on-screens, even if we have to wait to see it here in the US.

There isn’t really any news about Myles character on the series yet, but who cares? She was awesome as Gwen Cooper, so she’ll be awesome in this, too.

Of course, this news, along with John Barrowman‘s recent addition as regular on Arrow, means that we’ll probably never see another season of Torchwood. I blame Miracle Day for that.

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