NBC Picks Up Constantine and Releases New Series Photo

Hellblazer goes mainstream and lands Constantine on NBC.

Remember that image we saw of Mark Ryan as Constantine from the pilot of that series? Well, at that point, it was still just a pilot. It seems that the powers-that-be were impressed, though, and NBC has officially ordered episodes for the series.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve also got our first still from a scene on the show, and if this is any indication, this one is still looking really good. The woman in the photo is Lucy Griffiths, who is playing Liv, a woman who can see the supernatural. I’m so happy with how Mark Ryan looks here: this is what John Constantine looks like in my world. Let’s only hope that he has a nice gruff voice that goes with that wonderful face. Let’s also hope that NBC doesn’t screw this up. In the meantime, we can now forget that horrible Keanu Reeves movie ever happened.

Expect to see Constantine on NBC’s fall schedule.

NBC Picks Up Constantine and Releases New Series Photo

Source: Bleeding Cool

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