Dear Warehouse 13, Please Don’t Make Pete and Myka a Thing

Pete and Myka, Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 teases a Pete and Myka romance and I scream ‘NO!”

Please note that the following contains spoilers from last week’s episode of Warehouse 13. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading now.

Something very disturbing happened on last week’s episode of Warehouse 13. I’ve been sitting on it for a week and I’ve realized that it still makes me very uncomfortable. What is it, you might ask? Well, suddenly, Myka is feeling lonely and talking to Mrs. Frederick about possibly having babies someday and Pete offers to be the baby’s daddy if neither of them have found anyone special by then.

That alone creeped me out. Because Pete and Myka have a very sibling-type relationship, so EW. But the episode went even further and Pete starts rambling to Myka about feelings and how he cares about her (although in typical Pete fashion, he cops out eventually) and Myka is left with this thoughtful expression on her face. This happened at the end of the episode.

At that point, I was screaming at my television. Because Pete and Myka should not be a thing. Period! Is anyone else with me here? I mean the whole beauty of this series is that the two of them haven’t hooked up or shown any inclination to romance to each other. So why now? It just doesn’t make sense, and honestly, that whole conversation at the end of the episode felt dishonest to me. Even the actors have said in past interviews that a Pete and Myka relationship would be wrong.

I absolutely hate it when a TV series goes down this path. Why can’t a guy and a girl have a good working friendly relationship without hooking up? WHY? It’s the ultimate cop-out when writers have run out of ideas for story, and although I love Warehouse 13, if this is the path the show is taking, I’m glad this is the final season. There, I said it. Because Pete and Myka have something special that goes way beyond romantic ties, and that’s how the show should end. I get that the writers want a “happily ever after” scenario, but why is a romance necessary for that to happen? It shouldn’t be!!!

Let’s face it, Pyka is just too weird. I know it’s too late to re-write what the writers have done for this season, but I swear if they go down that road, I refuse to watch anything any of them ever write again. Because Pete and Myka shouldn’t happen. It’s just wrong. Who’s with me?

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