Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Jack Kenny Discuss The End of Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 Interview with Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Jack Kenny

Warehouse 13 Interview with Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Jack Kenny

Well, it’s here: the final short season of Warehouse 13. And although it’s very difficult not to cry and refuse to watch those final episodes, I will suffer through them with many, many tears. To think, this will be the last time we see this amazing cast and this amazing show makes me sad. However, we’re being promised a great season, regardless, so we’ll all watch, won’t we?

In a recent interview, Warehouse 13 stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly, along with executive producer Jack Kenny discussed leaving the series and what this final season means to them and the fans.

With a series like Warehouse 13, that lasted for five seasons, the cast members spoke about how the series changed their lives and what their lives are now without it. McClintock said, “I’m sure when, however many episodes of the original Star Trek, they never dreamed that despite its being canceled early, in most estimations that it would go on to be such a huge cult success,” he began. “So I guess we’ll see what happens. Joanne and I were just talking. It’s like I haven’t seen her. I miss her. She’s my friend who I’ve spent the last five years with, and it’s so hard. We are all pulling for one another and I’ll look back on Warehouse 13 as one of the great times of my life and my career.”

Kelly added, “I think now that it’s over and since we stopped shooting, you realize how special it was. And very much, there’s a ton of times where you don’t really understand what something is to you until it’s no longer there. I think that’s a cliche for a reason and it’s really true for me that Warehouse 13 was a really special time. And I don’t think I understood that until I stopped, until you’ve stopped showing up every day and you say, ‘I’m not going to see these people – these people I’m used to seeing every day. These people have been such a huge part of my life. It’s a huge change.”

With the series coming to a sort of abrupt end, we’ll never see some of the things planned, including a much-rumored musical episode. According to Kenny, that was meant to happen. He said, “We did want to write a whole musical episode, and having done just the one big musical number in the finale, I think, thank God we only did the one number and not a whole episode because it would have killed us because it’s just really, really hard.”

Kelly filled us in a bit more on that big musical number we’ll be seeing soon. “Anybody who needs a musical jones to be filled, they’ll get it filled in that – in the finale – because we have a pretty big fabulous number for everybody,” she said.

So what legacy will Warehouse 13 leave in its wake? Kenny’s answer said it all, “I think it will be remembered as the show that brought fun to the Syfy channel. I think Eureka started that tradition, and I think we really kind of brought it home with full-out action/adventure/thrilleromedy. Eureka was kind of limited to being stuck in that one town, but I think we brought a sort of international world of fun to the Syfy channel.”

And in true fashion and the spirit of fun, McClintock chimed in, “There it is, international world of fun – Warehouse 13.” He and Kenny agreed that they both wanted to eat there.

So lots of fun and drama and lots of adventure – that’s what we have left when Warehouse 13 wraps up its final episodes, starting next week on Monday, April 14th.

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