Life’s Lottery Could Be The First Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book For Adults

Book Review: Life's Lottery by Kim NewmanBook Review: Life’s Lottery by Kim Newman

Remember being a kid and having fun with those old-school choose-your-own-adventure books? Weren’t those fun? Wouldn’t you love to do that again? Well, now you can! Thanks to Kim Newman’s Life’s Lottery. Seriously, this is a choose-your-own-adventure book for adults, probably the first of its kind (or at least the first that I’m aware of).

So what is “Life’s Lottery” about? Well, I can’t really tell you the story, because it’s completely up to you. My particular story led me down a dark path into some pretty scary territory with spider-shaped shadow things that, eventually, led to my untimely demise. And if that’s just all the book has to offer, that is pretty awesome. But other stories lie within its pages, as well: stories about successes and failures and loves and losses. Depending on choices you make at the end of each chapter, you’ll be told what to read next, and that will lead you down the path your choices take you. Sometimes you’ll die and sometimes you’ll live, but you’ll always find yourself in adventure.

The character you take on the persona of is an ordinary man who has to make ordinary choices. It’s pointed out early on that those choices affect everything. If you believe in the butterfly effect, you’ll love some of the consequences of things you decided, even at an early age. The book takes you through this man’s life, putting you into his shoes, and each scenario is well-described for what feels like a truly interactive experience. And all of this… in a book!

So if you’re into calling the shots in your own story, I’d suggest picking this one up. It’s a lot of fun and the possibilities might not be endless, but they are numerous. What choice will you make next? Where will the story take you?

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