Dragon Age Inquisition Updates: Get ‘Em Here!

Dragon Age Inquisition not only gets a cover art reveal, but also a new trailer and release date.

Bioware was quiet for awhile since the last big Dragon Age Inquisition┬ánews, but it seems that this week, EVERYTHING is about the game. I’m seriously okay with that. From all that we’re seeing, this new Dragon Age game is going to be amazing. So let’s start with the things we’ve learned so far this week:

Cover Art Reveal

The first big news of the week about the new game was the cover art. Even better, Bioware confirmed that this particular art was meant to be gender-neutral, because obviously, you’ll choose your character’s gender at the beginning of the game. I love Bioware for this: really, I do.

Dragon Age Inquisition Updates

New Gameplay Trailer

But wait, there’s more! Or so Bioware keeps telling us this week. Not only do we get a peek at the cover (which is gorgeous), but the company also released a brand new gameplay trailer. Unfortunately, this trailer is gender-specific and, as expected, shows a male. So Bioware loses a few points for that. With the way people embraced Fem Shepard in the Mass Effect games, you’d think they’d do a trailer with the character being female, right? Just ugh! Still, the game looks awesome, but definitely not the game I’ll play because well… this is a dude.

Release Date

Finally, we now know when the game will see the light of day. Or at least when it’s originally intended to see the light of day, as most games release dates always seem to get inevitably delayed. The magic day? October 7, 2014 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC. Hey, you know, that’s only a few weeks before my birthday (you guys love me, right?).

So are you excited about all the goodies we’ve seen from Dragon Age Inquisition this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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