Review: Veronica Mars Comes Full Circle In The Movie That Could

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars brings the story of everyone’s favorite teen sleuth back to where it all began, and oh, does it feel so marshmallow good.

I was a latecomer jumping onto the Veronica Mars TV series bandwagon. I discovered it on Netflix, where, to my horror, once I was hooked, Netflix unceremoniously dropped the series while I was still in the middle of season 2. But that wasn’t the awful bit: the awful bit was that I couldn’t find it streaming anywhere else and no one seemed to be even interested in a series that was dumped shortly after its third season (leaving all sorts of loose ends for Veronica’s story).

But then this crazy thing happened. The Veronica Mars cast and crew put up a Kickstarter campaign and asked fans to fund a movie that would bring Veronica back. And even crazier, the thing was funded… and then some. Even more insane? They made a movie. A few months before the movie was released, Amazon Prime added the entire Veronica Mars series to its line-up. So I finally got all caught up. And just in time for the craziest thing ever: the release of the movie. Yes, there’s a film now and it’s available in a limited number of theaters across the U.S. and available to rent or buy on Amazon Video On Demand.

But wait, there’s more! (Yes, Veronica would complain about that cliche, which is why we love her). The movie is good. No, better than that. The Veronica Mars movie is the best Veronica Mars episode ever made. But why is that? Is it just because we’re happy to see all these characters back and have some closure after that cliffhanger of a season 4? Partially. Is it because we get to see Veronica solve the case and have to choose between two boys who are now men? Maybe. Is it because the writing is great and the acting is spot on? Absolutely. In fact, the reason this movie is good is all of the above.

Let’s start with the story. Veronica has left Neptune and pursued a degree and career in law. Boring, right? She’s still with Piz (Chris Lowell) and everything is looking hunky-dory (but boring). Then Logan calls and the next thing she knows, Veronica is back in Neptune and back on the case, facing bloodshed, heartache and a corrupt police department. It’s like she never left. And that’s what makes this story perfect. This movie  isn’t about Veronica rising above who she is. This movie is about Veronica re-discovering who she’s supposed to be.

The cast we all know and love are all back, and again, it’s as if there wasn’t such a long break between the series and the film. Kristen Bell still has it as our favorite private eye since Nancy Drew, showing an honest portrayal of someone who just can’t let go of certain things. Jason Dohring returns as Logan, and although I always thought his bad boy was just not good enough for Veronica, we see a different side of him this time around. Yes, Logan is actually respectful now. The rest of the cast are equally as wonderful and I enjoyed seeing them again: Tina Majorino, Max Greenfield, Francis Capra, Ryan Hansen, Enrico Colantoni and Percy Daggs III. There are also some amusing cameos that I won’t spoil by mentioning.

It’s appropriate that this film plays as a love letter to fans of the series because it was made with their money. However, it doesn’t pander to the fandom and at times, things get a little dark for Veronica. I honestly wasn’t sure how I wanted the film to end, but after it was over, I nodded and smiled thinking that it ended exactly where it needed to.

So if you’re a Veronica Mars fan, see this film. And if you’re not a fan, now couldn’t be a better time to start watching those episodes on Amazon Prime. Veronica Mars is back and if I had to guess, I’m saying we’re going to see a little more of her.

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