Netflix Watch Now: Les Revenants (The Returned)

Netflix Watch Now: Les Revenants (The Returned)

Netflix adds French horror/thriller series The Returned.

There is something so wonderful about the French, especially when it comes to film and television. They have a knack for telling a story so horrifying and yet make it so beautiful at the same time. Such is the case with Les Revenants, or The Returned, which was just recently added to Netflix.

If you watched The Oscars, the premise to The Returned might sound oddly familiar, because of the commercials ABC bombarded us with for a new series called Resurrected. The Returned is nearly identical, and probably is the basis for the American show. I’m already going on record as stating that the French version might be better, just because they have a better knack at handling these sort of storylines without some of the emotional manipulation that American television likes to throw at us (and if I hear that stupid “Coming Home” song again during the ABC promo, I might scream). The Returned (and Resurrected) is about a group of people who have, more or less, come back from the dead, four years later, returning home to a small town with no idea of how they conquered death.

I just watched the first episode of The Returned, “Camille,” and let me tell you, I am hooked. This series is critically-acclaimed, and it’s honestly no wonder. I went through the gamut of emotions during the episode, from being creeped out, to being shocked, to being awed, to being surprised to being emotionally wrought. Although this series is in French, the subtitles are quite good and do not detract from the wonderful cast.  I particularly liked Frederic Pierrot as the father of a girl who has returned from a bus crash that killed a group of students. The emotional moment he has when things settle in is heart-wrenching, although there’s an underlying horror to what he seems to be feeling. The entire cast, though, here is good, and each gives a very compelling performance.

So go… start Netflix up right now and watch this series. Trust me, you’ll like it. And if, like me, you’re curious as to just how it compares to what will be the American series, ABC’s Resurrected premieres on Sunday. But I still stand by what I’ve already said: it won’t be as good.

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