Syfy Brings Back The Sci-Fi Miniseries with Ascension

Syfy Brings Back The Sci-Fi Miniseries with Ascension

Ascension miniseries gets greenlit for Syfy and will air later this year.

In an effort to recommit itself to science fiction, Syfy is returning to the miniseries format, starting with the 6-hour series Ascension. Ascension, described as a space opera, begins in the 1960s with a covert U.S. government space mission that sends hundreds of people on a century-long voyage aboard a starship to populate a new world. 50 years pass and these space explorers approach the point of no return. A murder on the ship, however, makes them question everything about their mission and purpose.

Ascension has some hefty talent behind the scenes. The series is written by Smallville writer Philip Levens, who will also serve as Executive Producer. The series is set to air later this year, 2014, in November.

Syfy President Dave Howe said:

“Syfy is more committed than ever to bringing to life epic event television. We have a rich history in this arena, from Steven Spielberg’s ‘Taken’ to the highly acclaimed mini that launched the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series, to reimagined takes on classic tales such as ‘Alice’ and ‘Tin Man.’ In keeping with that grand tradition, we are delighted to bring this thrilling, provocative and intelligent event to our fans later this year.”


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