Simulate Private Space Exploration in Race To Mars

Simulate Private Space Exploration in Race To Mars

Race To Mars game lets you simulate a private organization aiming to land on the Red Planet.

Everyone is currently obsessed with Mars and most of us are dreaming about making it to the Red Planet. New PC game, Race To Mars, wants to make those dreams come true.  This turn-based space company simulation game puts you at the head of a new company with one goal: establish a colony on Mars. In-game, you have to work from the ground up, developing aerospace technologies and then using that to get to Mars before anyone else.

So how do you enter the race? You can download the early access version of Race To Mars for $19.99 at Steam here. New features will be added on a regular basis. And be sure to check out the game’s official website here.

In the meantime, check out this trailer (which I’ll admit, I found very inspirational, but I LOVE SPACE EXPLORATION):

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