Once Upon A Time Wonderland Returns Tonight

Once Upon A Time Wonderland Returns Tonight

Tonight sees the return of Once Upon A Time Wonderland. Catch a sneak peek below.

I have such high hopes for Once Upon A Time Wonderland. Not only is it a spin-off of one of my favorite shows, but I also just really like the cast and story. I also love seeing the world of Lewis Carroll imagined in a new way.

Unfortunately, I only know a few people who feel as passionately about this show as I do. And I’m really worried that we won’t see much more of the series. Of course, some are saying this was just a one-off, a single season focusing on Wonderland, but personally, I’d like to see a season two. Whatever the case, if you’re not watching and you like fantasy, you’re missing out.

Below, we get a sneak peek at tonight’s upcoming episode, which airs at 8/7c. It seems that all is well in the world of Wonderland (but of course, we know better). I wonder how Jafar and the Red Queen are going to ruin this beautiful moment?

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