Win Helix Prizes With Helix Season Finale

Win Helix Prizes With Helix Season Finale

Helix season finale brings Syfy Twitter contest.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re finally on the Helix season finale, which airs tonight on Syfy. It’s been a glorious run, and I’m happy that Syfy has announced a second season for the series (this just in, as of today).

So what can we expect tonight? A final showdown is going to happen between Hatake and Scythe. I’m assuming Hatake is still reeling from events of last week’s episode (OMG, did that really happen? EEP!), so I’m sure that will come into play somehow.

In this sneak peek, we see a new side of Alan. Who knew this mild-mannered scientist was capable of torture? Watch the clip and don’t miss the Helix season finale tonight, Friday, on Syfy at 10/9c.

But there’s more! Syfy is having a Twitter contest. Share w/ @Syfy on Twitter, using #Helix500, your theory about why there can only be 500 immortals. Enter now to receive prizes and become one of the 500.

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