Helix Episode 12: It’s All Coming To A Head

Helix Episode 12: It's All Coming To A Head

Helix Sneak Peek: Will Ilaria get what they want?

There are only two episodes left to this first season of Helix (and I’ll admit, I’m concerned as we haven’t yet learned about a second season). On this week’s episode, everything is coming to a head, with Ilaria on the base with one intention: get the virus and cure and kill everyone else. Who will survive? Who won’t? Considering this show’s track record, those aren’t questions I can even hazard a guess on.

On tonight’s episode of Helix, Hatake is faced with an impossible choice while the base faces a new threat. What decision will he make? Watch this sneak peek and get ready for the next to last episode of the season. And don’t miss Helix tonight, Friday, on Syfy at 10/9c.

For an inside look at the previous episode, join cast member Kyra Zagorsky here. Or if you’re interested in looking over the season’s “WTF” moments (of which there are many), check out this video.

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