Helix First Look: The Vectors Launch Their Attack

Sneak peek of Helix Episode 11

In this sneak peek of Helix Episode 11, Peter and the Vectors launch a full-scale attack on the base.

Helix continues to impress me each week. Not only did it kill off some major characters right at the beginning of the season, but we’re finally getting some actual answers to part of what’s going on at the base. However, there, is of course, so much more to know, especially when it comes to what Hatake knows and what the Ilaria Corporation wants. With only three episodes left in the season (wow, that went fast), things are now really heating up.

In Helix Episode 11, the Vectors are going into attack mode, taking anyone and everyone from the base and turning them. But there seem to be far worse problems our scientists have to face. And just how far will Hatake go to fight the Vectors and win his base back? Watch this clip and perhaps find out. And don’t miss Helix tonight on Syfy at 10/9c.

Want more? Syfy has posted a clip with show creator Cameron Porsandeh and actress Kyra Zagorsky discussing the series’ newly-introduced Immortals. You can watch that here.

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