Guest Post: Final Fantasy Legacy Series is a Mobile Hit

Guest Post: Final Fantasy Legacy Series is a Mobile HitAs a response to major developments in the mobile gaming industry, well-known and beloved developer Square Enix has released major titles from the Final Fantasy franchise on the mobile platform for iOS and Android users alike. Dubbing the ports Legacy Final Fantasy, Square Enix has released the following games for mobile play:

The Legacy series of games has come to be widely accepted and praised with the occasional gripe of the not-so-occasional purist or keyboard gangster. As a whole, the series to date has received wide acclaim and is attractive to older fans. It’s not only because, at current, mobile technology is able to run games as if it were an original PlayStation, but it’s also because in order to play their favorite early titles from this and other franchises they need only pay to download and play forever—as opposed to visiting some rather seedy ROM sites.

But what exactly sets these games apart from the rest? To start, current smartphone specs allow for a much more interactive experience with these mammoth JRPGs than consoles did. Consider the following: Samsung‘s eagerly-awaited Galaxy S5, which boasts a 5.1″ Super AMOLED display, as reported by Verizon Wireless—that’s quite the viewing area. The storage space will vary by purchased product, but because both the iTunes store and Android have spatial and memory limitations imposed on developed apps, 2GB and 4GB respectively (via The Washington Post), the games aren’t exactly space-hogs. This is a pretty huge deal considering the amount of content and story contained within those little thumb icons.

Additionally, Square Enix has put a lot of time and effort in redesigning and remastering some of the features and artwork seen across these titles. This is not their first rodeo with ports, and it follows the success they’ve had that lies in planning ahead instead of planning solely for the next port. This ensures that their graphics and supplemental features in the mobile ports do the following: first, include all of and expound upon previous ports (like those for the GBA); and second, prepare for at least two to five years’ worth of innovations in mobile graphics and processing power so as not to fall behind only six months to a year after going live.

Thus it is in part the aesthetic of the added feature that will keep the series afloat for a good while. The value of re-recording soundtracks and redesigning battle systems is not lost on the JRPG magnate. Among the most discussed praises for the re-releases, especially that of Final Fantasy VI, are the praise for the clarity and quality of the sound recordings. The battle systems are intuitive and original with each go around, implementing redesigned mechanics lessening the necessity of the grind. With added features including quicksaves, auto battle, option to listen only to the soundtrack, extra bosses, and hidden dungeons, these mobile titles are well worth some spots in your games folder.

While titles of the Final Fantasy franchise are not the only games available from Square Enix, their value is immense and their innovation thoughtful. While a port for Final Fantasy VII won’t be available for quite a while, keep yourself updated for new ports from Square Enix in the franchise.

Sara Upton is a recent college grad living in the sunshine state of Florida. With a passion of all things geeky and technology related, you’ll be sure to find her writing any story combining the two subjects.

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