Guess who’s back in Being Human Season 4 Episode 9?

Guess who's back in Being Human Season 4 Episode 9?

Spoiler Alert: Being Human Season 4 Episode 9 brings back a special guest.

Note: The following video contains massive spoilers. Watch at your own peril.

On Being Human, what in the holy heck has Sally done by changing the past? Just when I thought this series couldn’t possibly get even darker, it goes to the blackest of holes and I’m not sure it’s going to recover. And knowing that we’re headed towards a series finale makes it feel all that much grimmer. But at the same time, I can’t stop watching.

As we know, Sally has done some fiddling around in the past and has changed a lot of things, and not for the better, although her intentions were good. We also see the return of a particular beloved/hated character this week. If you really want to know who it is and just how much darker this show can get, watch the clip below and tune into Being Human on Syfy, Mondays at 9/8c.

Want more? Syfy has also posted a video with series stars Kristin Hager and Meaghan Rath talking about their thoughts on Sally’s meddling with the past and how it’s affecting the characters:

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