Agents of SHIELD Returns: What Can We Expect?

Agents of SHIELD Returns: What can we expect?

Expect new characters and an appearance by Silf in the second half of Agents of SHIELD season one.

Although, admittedly, I thought Agents of SHIELD started off rather slowly, I gave it a longer viewing time than I usually do. Why? Because I trust anything that Joss Whedon’s name is attached to. And I know that he occasionally has shows I refer to as “slow burners.” These are the series that start out slow and then pick up and slowly involve you emotionally with the characters. I’m glad I stuck it out, because now, Agents of SHIELD is on my must-see TV list. And although there are certain characters I’m still not overtly fond of, I understand them better and occasionally sympathize with them (Skye, I’m looking at you).

So the series officially returns after its winter hiatus tomorrow night. And things are about to get even better, if the hype is to be believed. Not only do we now know that Deathlok is now a part of the series (and has been all along, although we didn’t know it), but Asgardian warrior Silf (Jaime Alexander) will be putting in an appearance next week.  So for those complaining that the series doesn’t have villains or superheroes, you can STFU now.

Also, we’ll see the debut of field agent John Garrett, as played by Bill Paxton. Apparently, he’s got a long history with Coulson, so that should make things interesting, to say the least. And as always, there are rumors we’ll see more of Cobie Smulders character (although I don’t think these have rumors have been confirmed, but it would be nice).

Finally, tomorrow’s episode is called T.A.H.I.T.I. So obviously, we’re going to get more info. on just exactly what happened to Coulson while he was supposedly dead. We have an idea now, but there’s still so much more info. to be divulged. Seriously, stop teasing us, ABC! I want to know!

So don’t miss Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD tomorrow night on ABC. And if you stopped watching at some point (or never started), you can always catch up on episodes over at Hulu.

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