Post Gallifrey One Wrap-Up and Catch Up

I usually follow my Gallifrey One posts with more detail, but as I spent most of that time hanging out with friends, I’m afraid I don’t have a lot. I didn’t even take a lot of photos. So instead of my usual photos post, I’ll just send you to my friend, Alex Halcyon’s Facebook page, where he posts many amazing convention photos, including those taken at Gallifrey One. His photos are better than mine anyway.

After Gallifrey One, I explored my fangirl-ness for all things Disney by going to Disneyland. Needless to say, I was left wanting more. I’m actually planning to do Disneyland every year with Gallifrey One, because it was that awesome. I rode lots of rides, ate great food and had an amazing time. And I even met this guy. You might recognize him. I’ve heard he’s famous:

Mickey Mouse

Although I usually blog during my vacations, this trip was different. So I apologize about the lack of updates for last week’s episodes of Helix, Lost Girl, Bitten and Being Human. But I was having loads of fun, so you forgive me, right?

I also missed some major geeky news during my hiatus, including Irrational Games going away, most of the Gotham television series being cast (much better than the dreaded Superman vs. Batman film), the stupid rumor that Peter Capaldi will only do one season of Doctor Who (I’m not buying it), the return of NBC’s Heroes (I could write an entire post on why I’d rather see Alphas return), the death of Harold Ramis (I haz a sad) and a host of other things I’m probably forgetting. I promise to get caught up this week.

Finally, I’m gearing up for another convention: St. Louis Comic Con. I have cosplay to complete and press badges to obtain, so there’s that. Expect to see coverage on that one in early April. I also received press application approval for San Diego Comic Con, but I’ve decided that the cost isn’t worth it to cover something that every other blogger and journalist will already be covering. I’m going to focus on smaller more local conventions and give them the press they deserve. This year’s schedule so far is St. Louis Comic Con, Superman Celebration and Nashville Comic Con.

So there you have it: my post-con update. I’m still on West Coast time and my sleep is a little jacked up, but expect me to get back to normal sometime this week. I hope.

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