New Storybundle: The Sci-Fi Saturday Podcast Picks

New Storybundle: The Sci-Fi Saturday Podcast Picks

New Storybundle features picks by The Sci-Fi Saturday Night podcast.

What’s better than new books? How about new science fiction books picked out specifically by the team behind The Sci-Fi Saturday Night podcast? Seriously, can it get any better than that? This new round of books covers the entire genre, from fantasy to horror to sci-fi and more. And it’s a great buy, since you can name your own price.

So what’s included in the new Storybundle? Here’s the list:

  1. Bad Apple by Kristi Peterson Schnoonover
  2. Angry Ghosts by F. Allen Farnham
  3. Illweed by Jay Mooers
  4. Demonic Visions – 50 Horror Tales by Chris Robertson

Activate the bonus by paying at least $10 and get three extra books:

  1.  Death Dreams Deluxe by Chris Robertson
  2. The Charters Duology by Matthew Wayne Selznick
  3. Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan

Act now because this bundle won’t last forever (well, they’re digital books, so they will, but the offer is for a limited time). Buy the bundle now.

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