Like Vampires? Read This Free Short Story

Free Short Story "Madame Vampire" now available.Free Short Story “Madame Vampire” now available.

Vampires… they’re everywhere now. They’re on television and in movies and are prominently featured in books. But what happens when you take a historical figure and make her a vampire? Read this free short story, “Madame Vampire” to find out.

The story of my life is written in blood. It is a long tale, for I have lived a long life, but I fear that my time has grown short. Even now, a shadow follows me, bringing with it le morte. If I die, let it be known that I lived. I am Jeanne “Reinette” Antoinette Poisson,Madame de Pompadour, mistress to a king, marquise and vampire. I have killed many. I regret rien, nothing.


Please note that this vampire doesn’t sparkle. You can get your free copy of “Madame Vampire” here.

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