Lost Girl Interview: All About That First Episode of Season 4

Lost Girl Interview with Lost Girl stars Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer and series producer Vanessa Piazza

Lost Girl Interview with Lost Girl stars Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer and series producer Vanessa Piazza

If you live in Canada, you’ve already seen the latest season of Lost Girl. Here in the states, though, we’ve still only seen one episode. That episode, though, was a doozie! Not only has Bo gone missing, but all of her friends (and family) have completely forgotten her. I got a chance to talk to Lost Girl stars Kris Holden-Ried (Dyson) and Zoie Palmer (Lauren), along with series producer Vanessa Piazza about the implications of that episode, as well as what it was like to film.

So, basically, in the first episode of the new season of Lost Girl, all of the characters are completely re-written, as if they had never known Bo. What was that like? Holden-Ried answered first. “It was a good challenge,” he said. “But that’s the thing we love about Lost Girl – it’s always throwing you curve balls – things that you have to adjust your performance for.”

Although we only see Palmer for a brief moment in that episode, she still felt that it was a game-changer. She said, “It was funny because that episode felt almost like a different show for me. I know I’m only actually truly in it for about four and a half seconds at the end there, but that whole situation – which I can’t speak about at all – felt like we were on a different show, which is kind of fun. It’s just interesting. It was a really different vibe. It was cool.”

Obviously, the absence of Anna Silk (Bo) in that episode had everything to do with that feeling. “Ana is such a binding force when she’s on set,” said Holden-Ried. “When we started without her, it really did feel like a different show. I remember we were all standing around and just the vibe and the personality of who sort of stepped up and takes charge at certain different places [in the episode].”

If you’ve seen the episode (and I hope you have, otherwise this whole thing is full of spoilers), you’ll notice that Silk does put in a very brief appearance as a vision that Dyson has about halfway through that first episode. According to Piazza, that was not originally supposed to happen, but she asked Silk, who came in briefly to film that. Silk was on maternity leave at the time, so obviously, it was very cool of her to do that. Piazza said, “You don’t even realize how much the character is missing until she actually walked on and she just has that smile.”

Fortunately, Silk’s character, Bo, won’t be gone forever. In episode three, expect a reunion. Holden-Ried said, “It was such a lovely feeling when all the sudden, we were all reunited.”

Palmer agreed. “She was so extraordinary, too, because she had a baby like 12 minutes earlier or something,” she said and laughed. “For her to be there, she really came with the 1000% enthusiasm So hats off to her, too.”

All three agreed that Silk is an amazing lead. I won’t argue with that. But there is one little niggling fact that I had to ask about: Bo’s father. Unfortunately, all I got as an answer was that the storyline will continue into season 3 and that we may learn more about him. But as to his actual identity? Well, telling me that would be spoilers.

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