Download the Blackguards RPG Demo

Download the Blackguards RPG Demo

Daedalic releases demo for new Blackguards RPG

The release of Daedalic Entertainment’s new Blackguards RPG is only a few days away. You can get a sneak peek now, though, by downloading a free demo of the game’s first chapter. The demo includes all game features, including advanced character creation. Even better? If you choose to purchase Blackguards, you can use saved games from your demo with the full game, so you lose no gameplay progress.

The story of Blackguards turns the idea of “hero” on its edge. The heroes in this game are actually outcasts and criminals. In fact, the character you take on, as the player, is a convicted murderer, with your group being characters equally as dubious. If you think that sounds like fun, you can download the demos directly from these links:

PC | Mac

The official release date for Blackguards is January 24th. The game’s standard edition will run for $39.99, while a collectors edition will be available for $59.99.

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