Laura Vandervoort gets wolfie in Bitten trailer

Laura Vandervoort gets wolfie in Bitten trailer

Syfy’s Bitten trailer looks like a barking good time.

Okay, we’ve done vampires. We’ve done vampires to bits. There are vampires all over television and film and they’ve become a little played out. So what’s next? Werewolves, of course! And so far, only one show has been completely devoted to just werewolves: MTV’s Teen Wolf. Fortunately, it does the subject well. However, Scott and company has some competition from Syfy.

Bitten is an emotionally charged supernatural thriller starring Laura Vandervoort (SmallvilleV) as Elena Michaels, the lone female werewolf in existence. Don’t miss Bitten premiering on Syfy January 13 at 10|9c.

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