Sherlock Series 3 Trailer Has Arrived

Sherlock Series 3 Trailer Has Arrived

Finally! The Sherlock series 3 trailer is here and it’s a doozy.

So how many bathroom walls must I read that contain scribblings like “I believe in Sherlock” and “Moriarty is real,” before we finally get Sherlock series 3. Apparently, not much longer. The duo of Freeman and Cumberbatch are back, bey-atches! And we only have a month to wait. Sure, there’s the mini-episode we’ve been promised on Christmas, but more importantly, we have the PBS schedule, too:

“The Empty Hearse” — Sunday, January 19
“The Sign of Three” — Sunday, January 26
“His Last Vow” — Sunday, February 2

But most exciting is that we have an official trailer for Sherlock series 3 from the BBC. So watch it, squeal in delight and start counting down the days until we figure out just how Sherlock escaped what seemed to be certain death.

Official Sherlock Website

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