Petition to name newly-discovered planet Gallifrey

Name this planet Gallifrey

Doctor Who fans petition the International Astronomical Union to rename new planet Gallifrey.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have our very own Gallifrey planet out there in the Universe? Well, if some Doctor Who fans have their way and the International Astronomical Union approves, that could happen. Over at, Whovians have organized to set up a petition to name newly-discovered planet HD106906b (boring name) to Gallifrey (awesome name).

Granted, most planets are given names that specify their classifications so HD106906b would probably need to keep its boring name, but it would be cool if we could still call it Gallifrey, in honor of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. So Whovians: get to work. Check out the petition and be sure to sign it. Now let’s just hope the Daleks don’t get hold of it.

(Note: this petition has been supported by The Mighty Challenge, which is a known for pranks, so hopefully, this actually isn’t a prank).


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