Trailer for season 4 of Lost Girl introduces new villain

Trailer for Lost Girl Season 4 introduces new villain
Don’t you love how Dyson always looks ready to pounce in photos? But um… where’s Kenzi?

Lost Girl Season 4 trailer for Syfy released.

Welcome to America, where Canadian shows take months and months to be released here (if at all). Lost Girl, unfortunately is no exception, although I can’t understand why. So while our Canadian friends have already been enjoying the new season, we Americans have to wait until after the new year.

Fortunately for us, the new year is almost here. And with it being so close, the promo material for the new season of Lost Girl has started coming out. In this new trailer, for example, we get a sneak peek at season 4 of the series and are introduced to a brand new villain.

Don’t miss the premiere of Lost Girl season 4 on Syfy on January 13th at 8/9c.

Lost Girl on Syfy



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