Syfy’s Being Human Season 4 Preview

Syfy's Being Human Season 4 Preview

Things get weird in Syfy’s Being Human Season 4 Trailer.

In what counts as “FINALLY!” in my book of things I’ve been waiting for, Being Human season 4 returns to Syfy next month. Which is awesome as the UK version of the series is over (i just watched and I haz a sad). And after everything that happened last season on the US version, fans (myself included) are fiending to find out what’s happened to Sally, because we know she didn’t really defeat the big bad witch, even if it looked that way.

And Josh and Nora! Eep! And Aidan’s wife! Double eep! Needless to say, you’ll see a lot of these things hinted at (or outright shown) in this new season 4 trailer. Enjoy.

Being Human season 4 comes to Syfy on January 13, 2014.

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