Doctor Who Minisode Shows “The Last Day”

Doctor Who Minisode Shows "The Last Day"

Get another peek into the Time War in Doctor Who minisode “The Last Day.”

Leading up to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary has felt like Christmas, hasn’t it? Okay, technically, Christmas is literally around the corner, and we’ve been blessed with wonderful gifts from the BBC in trailers, docudramas and minisodes/prequels. And now, we’ve been given another gift: a new minisode titled “The Last Day,” that shows another view of the great Time War.

There are no Doctors in this clip or any actors from the series that we’ve previously seen. But it’s still awesome all the same. And if you’re not going “Oh, SH**” at the end of it, you’re dead inside.

So you want to see this minisode? Well, you’ll have to hop on over to iTunes (sorry, I ban all things Apple on my computer, so I don’t have a direct link) or Amazon where it’s free to watch. Enjoy and leave me a comment telling me what you think.


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