Contrast moves out of the shadows in new trailer

Contrast moves out of the shadows in new trailer

Video game Contrast launches a new trailer.

Contrast is one of those games I’ve been really interested in. It just seems so unique. I’m also especially excited about it being a freebie to PlayStation Plus members for the PS4 this month.

Contrast is an inventive 2D/3D puzzle platform game where the player must shift in and out of the dimension of shadows, light and dark. Gameplay takes the player into a surreal version of the 1920’s where they will take on the role of Dawn. Dawn, an imaginary friend of a little girl named Didi, has the ability to shift from the 3D world into the 2D world of shadows. With Dawn, Didi must reunite her troubled family and uncover the secrets that haunt them.

“Creating Contrast was a journey, and ultimately a celebration of our craft,” said Guillaume Provost, creative director and founder, Compulsion Games. “It is a story that came together by the efforts and support of our team, our partners, our fans, and by the dedication of everyone who helped propel the game to such unexpected heights. We are deeply grateful and humbled by the community’s reactions, and the overwhelming enthusiasm that at long last, helped bring Contrast to light.”

To celebrate the release of Contrast, here is a new launch trailer, giving an awesome sneak peek of the game before it’s available later this month. Contrast launches tomorrow worldwide on PC and Xbox LIVE, and on the U.S. PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 (the game will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers). The game will also be available on PS3 on November 19 in the U.S. and on November 20 in Europe. Finally, European PS4 players will be able to get the game on November 29.

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