Doctor Who: Promo Photos Released for An Adventure in Space and Time

The BBC releases photos for upcoming Doctor Who docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time.

As all good Doctor Who fans now know, we only have a few short weeks left before the 50th Anniversary special episode. But not only that, we also get to finally see the docu-drama about the making of the series, An Adventure in Space and Time. Needless to say, now is a good time to be a Whovian.

Now, the BBC had released promotional images from An Adventure in Space and Time. Look over these and I dare you not to get goosebumps at just how close these shots (and these actors) seem to the originals. It’s almost eerie! I also vote that we bring back the first Doctor and let David Bradley have a few adventures in his shoes. Because… how amazing does he look as William Hartnell here?

Anyway, before I go into squeals of fangirl joy (too late), enjoy these photos.


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