Set Location Hunting in Vancouver

Okay, my friend, Kollie, is like the queen of finding television set locations in Vancouver. Yesterday, we saw a total of five (with a bonus at the end of our day) current set locations. Unfortunately, I only got to spot one actor, as most of these frown on you actually stopping and taking photos, etc. However, we did luck out and catch the Bates Motel set completely empty and the guy on duty was like “We usually frown on photos, but hey, you can take a few.” So thanks, guy! LOL

Anyway, we began our tour at Riverview Mental Hospital. Not only is the place super creepy, but many of its buildings are easily recognizable if you’ve ever watched any television at all. I recognized a lot of buildings from Supernatural, myself. We somehow managed to stumble upon the site of The Witches of East End (which I’ve just recently watched and really liked). They were just getting set up so no actors were on set yet. And then we followed the signs left for the crew, one of those which said “FS.” Now all of the series have codenames like that, but this one ended up being a no-brainer.

We followed the road and were told that “FS” was actually Falling Skies. I was like “Oh, wow, I LOVE that show.” The security woman said, “You’re the first one here that’s heard of it.” I’m like “REALLY?” She told us we could drive around and maybe look up to see the shot they were setting up (seriously, these people are much nicer than they need to be). So we did. We turned a corner and up on a hill in the near distance was the gates of an encampment and in front was actor Colin Cunningham in his full Pope costume. He was easily recognizable.

That was awesome. Then we needed  a place to turn around and ended up outside of a set we later discovered to be for Almost Human (yep, the new series with Karl Urban). Oops. That was for an inside shot and we got serious dirty looks when we turned around in the parking lot behind the building. But, it was an honest mistake!

After lunch, we did a little more Storybrooke sightseeing for Once Upon A Time. Here’s the town hall.

Storybrooke Town Hall

Next up? The Bates Motel. No one was on set, but fortunately the one guy on duty guarding it let us take some photos. This was COOL.

Bates Motel

Bates Motel

Bates Motel

We also discovered a location shoot for Arctic Air.

We also hunted down a few more locations from the series and then went back out to Riverview at night. It was CREEPY. It was also really foggy, so I don’t have any photos.

There was also some super-secret stuff we saw and did, but unfortunately, I am not at liberty to talk about it. Needless to say, though, my experiences here in Vancouver have been AMAZING.

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