Haven Interview with Colin Ferguson and Emily Rose

Haven Interview with Colin Ferguson and Emily Rose

Colin Ferguson and Emily Rose promise something big for Haven’s season 4.

So far, this season of Haven has been jaw-dropping. And that’s just three episodes in. And according to series stars, Colin Ferguson and Emily Rose, something even bigger is coming. Keep reading for my interview with the two.

Ferguson began by telling us that we will be learning more about his mysterious character, William, and his relationship to Lexie/Audrey. “We are going to find that history about who William is and what their relationship was,” he said. “As the season progresses, you find out the problems and strengths of their relationship and you find out if it’s going to be an addition or subtraction to the town. ”

Rose reiterated, “I feel like for the first bit of it, there is a bit of a fog surrounding William. Who is he? What is their connection? Why is he so familiar with her? All these things leave the audience wondering and puts them in on Audrey’s or Lexie’s mindset. Who is this person just walking into my life and shouting off all this stuff about me? Their history – that is the cool part – if there is any. ”

Ferguson, who is best known as Sheriff Carter on Eureka, was happy to come to Haven. Not only has he been a fan of the show and friends with the cast, but he loves the role of William. “They’ve [the show’s writers] have written this great role that has so much subtexts because you’re not really sure what he’s doing from time to time, and that was a huge gift for me,” he said.

Rose also gets to play a new character this season, in the form of Lexie. After stating that she had to fight to get the character’s nose ring included, she said, “With Lexie, I feel like one of the fun things for me to play with her was all the external things that she was – her hair, her rings, her nose ring, the dark sort of edgier kind of point of view. Audrey is so serious all the time because she has to be. So playing Lexie was like a breath of fresh air because she doesn’t take anything seriously. She’s there to have a good time, party a bit.”

Ferguson hinted about his character and the future of season 4. “There’s something coming that’s pretty big. They sat me down in L.A. and told me about it before it all started. And what they told me was what they did.” However, as to what exactly we can expect, Ferguson remained mum to avoid spoilers.

So you’ll just have to watch Haven to find out more. Don’t miss it on Syfy at 10/9c on Fridays. And just for a tease, here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode:

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