David Tennant Coming To America With New Broadchurch

David Tennant to star in American Broadchurch

It’s Official: 10th Doctor David Tennant will star in America’s version of Broadchurch.

That’s right, fangirls! David Tennant is coming to America to star in the US’ version of hit BBC TV series Broadchurch. Normally, I would write a long post about why we really need to Americanize a British show (I mean, really, WE SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE), but as this means more David Tennant on American television, I’ll hold my tongue on that particular subject.

However, the downside is that the series will be on FOX. Those familiar with FOX know how cancel-happy they get sometimes, never truly giving a series a fair shot. It’s also going to be weird because Tennant will be dropping his lovely Scottish accent for an American one.

The US version of Broadchurch will start filming in January, so we can expect not to see it until the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. ┬áNext question: Where will it be filming? Not that I’m planning to make a trip anywhere or anything, but Tennant does still owe me an autograph.

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