Pilot Review: Sleepy Hollow is not the story you expect

Pilot Review: Sleepy Hollow is not the story you expect

Fox’ Sleepy Hollow is a surprising and interesting re-telling of the legend we’re familiar with.

I finally got around to watching the pilot of Fox Television’s Sleepy Hollow. I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect going in, but was pleasantly surprised at how the legend of the headless horseman became something much more than just an old-fashioned ghost story. In fact, the way it’s told on this new television series is downright apocalyptic.

As I am trying to keep this review relatively spoiler-free, all I will say about certain cast members is that you might want to expect some George R.R. Martin disappointments. I will admit I was quite surprised by these twists, which happen pretty quickly, all in the first episode. It’s pretty ambitious for a brand new series, but it definitely works. I couldn’t stop watching. Equally as ambitious is the casting of a female lead who is basically the lead character on the series. That is truly something to get excited about, as it rarely happens in horror-based series like this.

Of course, the real problem here is that this show is on Fox. Those familiar with Fox’ track record with such shows knows that getting attached usually leads to heartbreak. Any show that is different generally suffers the fate of cancellation. That’s right, I’m still not over Firefly. We can only hope that Fox has learned from its past mistakes, but I remain doubtful. This is a show that I like on Fox – that is, more than often, a death sentence for a series.

I still recommend watching, though. Actress Nicole Beharie is excellent in the lead role as Abbie Mills, the police office who gets dragged into the haunted and apocalyptic goings-on of the town of Sleepy Hollow. I also really liked Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane, a man pulled out of his own time and into the modern day. I look forward to seeing him, however, being a bit more surprised at modern day technology. That is something, that was lacking in the pilot episode. He seems a little too accepting of things that would seem like magic to a man of his day and age. But then again, perhaps his accepting the modern world is supposed to be like Abbie accepting the fact that things in her town are not as they seem to be.

There is also a nice horror element to the series. There are some monstrous things that will freak you out. I literally jumped at the end of the episode when one of these things appeared. And I will admit that its image stayed burned in my mind long after I watched the episode. This is refreshing, because many TV shows like this never really hit the scare factor. I assure you that Sleepy Hollow does.

So did you watch Sleepy Hollow? What did you think?

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