Once Upon A Time: First Peek at Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell puts in first appearance in Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is gearing up for season three, which means – you guessed it – new characters and storylines. We’ve heard a lot about Ariel being added to the new season, but today, there’s a photo that is making the rounds on the internet of Tinkerbell. Portrayed by actress Rose McIver, she’ll have a costume very similar to what we’re used to (with wings added in post-production), the same mischievous attitude and a past history with Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue).

According to executive producer Adam Horowitz, we will get to see Tinkerbell in various stages of her life, including interactions with both the Blue Fairy and Evil Queen. He said, “Tink has gone through an evolution in our story. She begins in one place and ends in another.”

Check out the photo of Tinkerbell below and tell me what you think.

Once Upon A Time: First Peek at Tinkerbell

Via TVGuide

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