Review: Lenore – Purple Nurples

Review: Lenore - Purple NurplesEveryone’s favorite cute little dead girl, Lenore, returns in Purple Nurples.

When Titan Books asked me if I would like a copy of Lenore – Purple Nurples to review, I jumped at the chance. Admittedly, it has been awhile since I’ve read any Lenore, but I’ve always been a fan. How can you not be? She’s so cute? And dead!

For those not familiar with Lenore, she’s a staple with the goth crowd. Written by Roman Dirge, she has a unique sense of life and humor that is all her own. She could have easily been made into a Tim Burton movie (back when his films were good). And now she’s back in new adventures in Purple Nurples.

Lenore – Purple Nurples features some new stories, including one about a homicidal pig ghost, which is definitely my favorite. If you want macabre giggles, you’ll want to read that one. I also especially liked the story titled “The Dweller in the Fridge,” which had some cute surprises, especially at the end. ¬†All of these stories, though, are what you expect from Dirge: they are twisted and funny. The book also features the very first sketch that Dirge drew of Lenore, along with some other nice additional artwork.

If you’re a Lenore fan, pick this one up, but even if you’re new to the title and like your humor on the dark side, you’ll appreciate Lenore – Purple Nurples.

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