Haven Interview: Lucas Bryant Talks About Nathan’s Dark Side

Haven Interview: Lucas Bryant Talks About Nathan's Dark Side

Haven star Lucas Bryant discusses new season.

The wait is almost over, Haven fans. The new season premieres this Friday (the 13th, appropriately enough) and we’ll finally get answers to our most burning questions. Of course, those answers will come with more questions. What’s happened to Audrey? Why is she Lexie now? What exactly happened in the shed?

I spoke recently with one of the show’s stars, Lucas Bryant, who portrays Nathan on the series. Mostly, we discussed the dark turn the series has taken and how that has affected his character. Bryant’s attitude was upbeat, though. “That was a really cool turn for me,” he said. “Nathan has always been a bit too sure of himself. He’s always got doubts, but he had this kind of blind trust in himself and Audrey, and as you saw at the end of Season 3, that led to a disastrous outcome.”

Bryant called the new turn that Nathan has taken in season 4 as “a lot of fun.” But don’t let that fool you – Nathan will be showing a much darker side now that Audrey is gone.

So will there be any happy moments this season? Bryant’s immediate answer was stark. “No,” he said. He explained, “Well, there are some happy moments for Nathan, but sadly, they seem to be fleeting. That’s just the way it has to go. When things start looking too good, you have to just smash it all to pieces, right?” In other words, Nathan’s current outlook going into the season premiere is bleak.

Surely, the most difficult point of Nathan’s current situation is that Audrey returns, but she isn’t exactly herself. Audrey is now someone named Lexie and has no former memories of her relationship with him. How does he handle that? Bryant said, “She [Audrey] looks like this person she was and seems like the person she was, but it’s pretty quickly clear that she is not, so that is troubling for him and difficult. This new side of her character is different from Audrey Parker. She is much more sassy and outspoken and tough. Nathan has a kind of humorous and challenging relationship with her.”

So it’s not all doom and gloom, at least, according to Bryant. “I will tell you that there may be very exciting lights at the end of that dark tunnel,” he added. As to what that might be is anyone’s guess, though. Let’s hope it means we get Audrey back, at some point, though, right? Bryant said, “There’s the little glimmer of hope that’s given to him initially in the first episode – he holds onto that as tightly as possible. I think he has to believe that there is a way to get her back.”

This season of Haven will also feature an episode where everyone’s reality is shaken up. “I got to play a wildly different version of Nathan,” Bryant said. “It’s a much less reserved and much more effusive side of Nathan that I certainly didn’t see coming,” he added with teasing laughter.

Don’t miss the season premiere of Haven on Friday, September 13 at 10/9c. And stay tuned for another interview soon with series star Eric Balfour.

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